Retail, Hospitality, & Tourism

Retail, Hospitality and Tourism (RHT) are important sectors for California’s economy, employing more than a combined 3.6 million workers, and generating a revenue nearing $595 billion collectively in 2012. Although many jobs were lost during the recession, since 2010 a steady increase in job growth has created employment opportunities and career pathways for people with varying levels of skills and education. Employment in the retail sector is projected to create 137,000 new jobs in California by 2017, and 210,000 in the hospitality and tourism sector.

With input from the RHT industry and through collaborative efforts among all participating high schools, ROPs, WIBs and community colleges in the Los Angeles and Orange County regions, the RHT Deputy Sector Navigator will work toward creating an aligned menu of college courses and stackable certificates offered through career pathways from high school to 4-year universities to produce a talent pipeline for employers.

RHT represents an opportunity for employees to “learn and earn” by combining industry-based training and employment. The Learn and Earn model identifies, promotes and encourages innovative partnerships between employers, community colleges and higher education institutions to help today’s ‘working learn­ers’ complete their education while working. Partnerships between business and education providers help bridge the skills gap for employers while supporting current and future employees’ attainment of postsecondary degrees and credentials with labor market value – the most significant benchmark for achieving economic sustainability.

We are affiliated with the California Restaurant Association, California Hotel & Lodging Association, Western Association of Food Chains, and various Chambers of Commerce. If you would like to make significant contributions toward the development and training of RHT workforce, please do not hesitate to give us a call.