WBL Resource Center

Orange County Regional Consortium (LAOCRC) Work-Based Learning Resource Center was developed to assist community college leadership, project coordinators working with CIJA intermediary partners, college faculty and their employer partners in designing, implementing and supporting quality work-based learning (WBL) activities for community college students engaged in career pathway programs in the Orange County region.  

The LAOCRC Work-Based Learning Resource Center First Edition: © September 2018, All Rights Reserved

LAOCRC WBL Resource Center Sources

The contents of the WBL Resource Center draw heavily on Work-Based Learning Toolkits created by New Ways to Work with the State of California, the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, Earn & Learn East Bay, NYS P-TECH and the New York City Departments of Education and Youth and Community Development.

New Ways to Work

The Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit, California Governor’s School-to Career Advisory Council with BaySCAN, San Francisco Labor Council, Labor Occupational Health Program, LEED Sacramento, UNITE LA, Tulare County Workforce Coalition and the Bay Area Council. Built to support implementation of the School-to-Work Opportunities Act in California. 1998, 2000

Quality Work-Based Learning Toolkit, Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools with New Century Connections, a partnership of the Kansas City, Kansas (KCK) Public Schools and the KCK Area Chamber of Commerce. 2003

Creating Quality Work-Based Learning, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016, 2018

Work-Based Learning Toolkit, New York City Department of Education with Grant Associates. An inter-active web-based toolkit built primarily for NYC high schools that serve students engaged in CTE programs – aligned with state standards. 2016, 2017, 2018

Work-Based Learning Toolkit, New York City Youth and Young Adult Career Pathways, with Workforce Professionals Training Institute and NYC Department of Youth and Community Development. Adapted to serve youth and young adults engaged in career pathway programs in the city’s youth workforce development system programs. 2018

Work-Based Learning Toolset, Earn & Learn East Bay, Contra Costa County Office of Education, Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board. Created to support high school and community college students in the region’s Career Pathway programs as well as those engaged through the county’s WIOA youth program). Includes an employer engagement guide and tools. 2016, 2017

Work-Based Learning Toolkit, New York State P-TECH, The Public Policy Institute of New York. Created for P-TECH partnerships serving students in the P-TECH 9-14 model in communities across the state of New York. Includes an employer engagement guide and tools. 2016

Additional materials contributed by NAF

  • Intern Orientation to the Workplace, 2015
  • Internship Student Reflection, 2015
  • Internship Student Research Activity, 2015
  • Internship Work and Learning Plan, 2015
  • Job Shadow Overview, 2015
  • Worksite Tour Preparing Students, 2015
  • Worksite Tour Research Activity, 2015
  • Worksite Tour Sample Agenda, 2015
  • Worksite Tour Student Reflection, 2015